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Find Clinical Care for Clients Remotely

In an increasingly digital age and especially in the current climate involving COVID-19, the capacity to do effective remote work is vital. For behavioral health clinicians and clientele, remote work requires effective navigation of today’s digital landscape. This means knowing and taking full advantage of tools that are available. 

For behavioral health professionals, part of the equation is providing the option for counseling services through HIPAA-compliant and network-secure technology, such as Telehealth. For instance, the caseload of TPN.Health member Charles Strong, LPC, is almost completely online. Jessica Gibson Kendrick, LPC and spokesperson for TPN.Health, utilizes Telehealth mostly to see clients who have corporate jobs and are unable to leave their offices during the workday. Today, especially with the recommended and responsible practice of social distancing during a pandemic, it may be essential to tap into the capacity to provide online services in behavioral health. 

The other piece of the remote work equation for behavioral health professionals is an effective navigation of the layered referral process. A client receiving services to the best clinical fit begins with the right referral, so it is vitally important that the processes that lead up to the referral are navigable and effective. We’ve come to understand from the input of our community of trusted behavioral health professionals and providers that these processes have been largely difficult to manage with variables such as communication, accurate information, and the scalability of interacting with these variables. 

TPN.Health is answering the many frustrations and hiccups of the referral process, a cornerstone for effective client care in behavioral health, with one navigable digital space. TPN.Health members’ use of this space serves to make sense of the variables involved in the referral process and unite the far reaches of the behavioral health field. TPN.Health is the closed interactive network that allows vetted professionals in behavioral health to not only build and track their referral networks but actually complete the process of making/receiving referrals in a scalable way. 

This process is completely relegated to the digital arena, specifically the TPN.Health website, where members activate the referral process by creating clinical profiles that provide an accurate representation of their identities as professionals in the behavioral health space. Members have the opportunity to bring the professional relationships that presently drive their referrals to the digital space. As CEO Trevor Colhoun puts it, “It’s making your analog network digital.” The TPN.Health referral process is built upon these digital relationships that are visible in members’ referral networks. Likewise, professionals, perhaps those newer to the field, whose analog networks are limited in number can have access to the more expansive referral networks of other professionals in TPN.Health and build their connections that way. 

The best part of an entirely digital tool is that its effectiveness does not change with location. No matter where you are in the world, behavioral health professionals have the capacity to build and track their referral networks and well as complete the referral process with ease.

Want to make the most of your time navigating the digital referral process in TPN.Health? Make sure all of your information is current. Update your “accepting client” status and include all of your most relevant scopes of practice. Also, don’t forget to personalize your profile! Include a photo and video content showcasing you or something that relates to a facet of your work. 

Seeking to refer out for online services? Use the filter-search for TPN.Health members who offer them!

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