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Network Benefits

Digital Profile

Your profile is the place to showcase who you really are! Highlight your individual focus areas, specialties, and specific treatment plans to find others who have the same interests as you.

Trusted Professionals

Engage with other licensed, vetted behavioral professionals through our interactive digital platform and develop real connections digitally!

Virtual Resources and Education

Enhance your clinical practice through our revolutionary digital referral process, networking opportunities, and FREE live events and on demand core continuing education options!

Access to National Network

Grow your network through our digital platform of vetted professionals to share ideas, research and connect with other clinicians.

Extend Your Educational Reach

As a user on, you have access to FREE core CE credits and advanced career-building opportunities designed to fulfill all of your licensing requirements. We believe in providing our members with accessible, high-quality learning opportunities from qualified educators in the industry. Don’t let location, time, or money get in the way of your professional development.

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See and Be Seen

Our network gives you visibility into the larger behavioral health community. Your profile is your digital resume to attract the right care to your practice. Share your unique background through interactive chat, posts, videos, and more! Find others who have the same interests as you and develop real connections digitally.

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Revolutionize Digital Referrals

Join us in revolutionizing digital referrals through our platform of vetted behavioral health professionals. To ensure our process complements your practice — we need to hear from you. Be some of the first to utilize our beta-referral process that connects you with clinicians in your community to provide quality treatment for your patients.

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