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All paid plans include access to FREE CEs. Turn your home office into a virtual classroom and don’t let time, money, or location get in the way of learning opportunities.

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Our team of clinicians ensures only the highest level of accredited CE courses are offered by vetted and trusted Educators.

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Practice-Pro courses offer specialized learning opportunities across a variety of subjects. These include advanced trainings, professional development, and license test prep. Your paid subscription gets you exclusive access to these courses at a big discount.

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CE certificates are stored on your personal profile for easy retrieval and submission to your boards.

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As a subscriber, you have access to Unlimited CE Credits designed to fulfill all of your licensing requirements and provide advanced career-building opportunities. We believe in providing our subscribers with accessible, high-quality learning opportunities from qualified educators in the industry. Don’t let location, time, or money get in the way of your professional development.

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Our Network gives you visibility into the larger behavioral health community. Your profile is your digital resume to attract the right care to your practice. Share your unique background through interactive chat, posts, videos, and more! Find others who have the same interests as you and develop real connections digitally.

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Revolutionize Digital Referrals

Join us in revolutionizing digital referrals through our platform of vetted behavioral health professionals. To ensure our process complements your practice — we need to hear from you. Be some of the first to utilize our beta-referral process that connects you with clinicians in your community to provide quality treatment for your patients.

Get Started raises the bar for clinician to clinician referral! This platform allowed us to communicate efficiently about the needs & circumstances of the client. The entire process kept the referral conversation focused on ensuring clinical fit, from location to level of care, appropriate treatment modalities, & available resources. even organizes the progress of the referral to ensure a smooth handoff to the next provider.

Jessica Kendrick

Licensed Professional Counselor

As a 27-year veteran in the field of psychology, I’ve realized that client outcomes are improved with a comprehensive evaluation to inform accurate diagnosis, knowledge of explicit evidence-based interventions linked to a given diagnosis, and access to practitioners skilled in that intervention modality. No one practitioner can meet this need. provides me with access to a highly curated network clinicians committed to achieving successful client outcomes via evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Comprehensive evaluation + accurate diagnosis +'s evidence-based network = Client successes. Priceless.

Christiane Creveling-Benefield, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical & School Psychologist

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