About TPN.Health

We are a professional network specifically designed for licensed clinicians and vetted treatment providers to confidently navigate client behavioral health.

We offer local community with a national reach to providers who meet the highest code of clinical services, ethics, and professional standards.


Community Benefits

  • 1 Easily search our clinician and treatment provider database
  • 2 Connect with clinicians in New Orleans and surrounding areas
  • 3 Attract new clients based on your scope of practice and expertise
  • 4 Showcase your knowledge with research articles and other content you have published
  • 5 Get recognized for your accreditations and continued education
  • 6 Identify providers with the correct clinical fit for your client
  • 7 Interact with Fellow Clinicians
  • 8 Attend TPN.Health free Professional and Wellness Events and Workshops

About Us

Why TPN.Health?

Most licensed clinicians refer clients more than 3-5 times per month. Most licensed clinicians take more than 30 mins to make a confident client referral.

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Community Values

  • Care deeply about referring clients to the proper clinical fit
  • Form collaborative connections with providers and professionals
  • Appreciate the enormous amount of time saved by utilizing the TPN platform
  • Engage in local and digital TPN continuing education and workshops
  • Lead TPN in continuing to create innovative solutions for the behavioral health industry