Transforming Behavioral Health

TPN.Health is a digital platform linking behavioral health professionals, treatment facilities, hospitals, and employee wellness programs.

Driving Transformation

Driving Transformation

We started out in 2019 with the vision we could improve patient outcomes by using technology to enable better clinically matched care.

Through the experience of our founders and advisors, we saw how technology could enhance the development of community and shared resources to meet the needs of behavioral health in the 21st century. At the same time, we understood that introducing technology into long-standing practices required an incremental approach, designed to encourage adoption and build trust and integrity among our users.

About Founders
About Founders

As our platform expanded, our treatment option data and referral services became central to the workflow of our members. We saw this evolution and we consistently advanced our capabilities, building referral management tools and other services that are complementary to every part of our solution.

Our Business Today

Today, we’re the fastest growing behavioral health network in the country and the largest behavioral health association in Louisiana. We offer our members a local community with a national reach to providers who meet the highest code of clinical services, ethics, and professional standards.

About Screens

In response to COVID-19, TPN began hosting virtual continuing education events on behalf of behavioral health associations throughout the country and is now the nation’s largest virtual conference provider to the behavioral health industry.

Our mission and your mission are the same –

improving patient outcomes.


Our principles and your principles are the same –

trust and integrity.

We are the

Trusted Provider Network.

Tpn.Health News

TPN.Health CEO, Trevor Colhoun, was a recent guest on the It's New Orleans Out to Lunch podcast on the topic of “Doctors & Digital Distancing.” He touches upon how TPN is paving the way for the behavioral health community on being the leading and most trusting digital referral network.