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Building Your Network in TPN.Health

“By clinicians for clinicians.”

TPN.Health is a collaborative and comprehensive platform. The platform serves as a digital network-secure tool which serves to support the work of professionals navigating behavioral health systems. We have discovered the value of an effective tool can be accredited to community engagement, and we seek to create a community that promotes intentional engagement with TPN.Health digital features. These features, such as the personalized clinical profile and the endorsement, enable members to actually build an accessible network of trusted professionals within the digital space of TPN.Health. In this way, we truly are built “by clinicians.” 

We understand that the goal of a behavioral health professional throughout the referral process is finding the best clinical fit for each client. Behind that process is not only access to enough of the right clinicians and providers but a way to find them and keep track of them. Today, we are addressing network-building, which lies behind the TPN.Health referral process, and how you, an active TPN.Health member, can make the tool work to its greatest potential. 

How To Build Your Network in TPN.Health

1. Create a robust clinical profile. 

SEARCHABILITY. Filling out specific fields when creating your clinical profile is essential because it allows you to be filter-searched in TPN.Health. Filter-searchable fields include:

  • Referrals: Indicate whether or not you are “Accepting Referrals” with the button
  • Specializations (Scopes of Practice)
    • Age/Gender  
  • Focus Issues
  • Modalities and Interventions
  • Insurances Accepted
  • Languages

Other fields that are not filter-searchable but that contribute to your identity in the TPN.Health community include:

  • Biography
  • Photo
  • Education
  • Publication list
  • Link to your website if you have one
  • Video of:
    • You
    • The space in which you practice
    • Other facets your work

The goal is to create a clinical profile that accurately reflects and showcases your identity as a professional in the behavioral health field!


Now that you have created a robust clinical profile, you can begin to reach out to other members to make them a part of your network. When you click “Connect” on another member’s profile, they are notified and can accept your connection request. Once they accept, both parties have access to the direct messaging feature. Note that your connections are only visible to you.

3. Endorse.

You can endorse other community members with whom you have worked for a specific specialization or scope of practice. Be as detailed as possible when endorsing because sent and received endorsements are visible on your profile! Endorsements are visible markers of living relationships with other trusted professionals in the network. In this way, they are key to creating strong networks supporting the referral process in TPN.Health. 

Alongside the endorsement feature, we are excited to announce the first iteration of the endorsement pool, which is simply a collection of your outward-endorsements made visible on your TPN.Health profile. With the endorsement pool, other members can see inside your personal network of providers and the specific scopes of practice for which you are endorsing those providers. Stay tuned for a blog on the endorsement pool as a key feature of building a reliable referral network in TPN.Health. 

Do you have questions about how to effectively build a network that supports the referral process inside TPN.Health? Reach out to us here!

Haven’t started building with us yet? Take the first step here.