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Association – Billing and Payment Agreement


Paid Events

TPN will pay Association 75% of registration fees from Conference Events provided the Event days are normal business days. TPN will pay Association 70% of registration fees if the Event takes place after 5:00pm Central Time on any Weekdays and for any Event taking place on weekends and/or holidays. In the case of an Event that is both business days and after-hours or non-business days, a prorated blended rate will apply. Payments to Association will be reduced by third party payment processors (such as Stripe) used by TPN. Such payments will be deducted after computing the 75% and 70% respectively.

TPN requires that all attendees register through TPN to participate in Events – either free or paid.

Association shall set registration fees, if any, for each Event

TPN may offer discounts and complimentary access to Members at its discretion. However, TPN shall base its Fee computation on the full registration price set by Association regardless of discounted prices and/or complimentary access if offered by Association to non-Members.

There are no payments for either Party for free Events

Organization Account Services

TPN shall pay Association 75% of all gross revenues collected by TPN for non-event services provided by Association to its members including dues and other services that make use of the TPN platform including CE Tracker.

Billing and Payment Frequency

Payments will be made payable within 30 days of completion of Event.