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Meet Felicia Kleinpeter, Director of Clinicians: In Her Words

About her passion for real solutions in behavioral health

Why am I a part of TPN.Health? Simply, I am a person in long-term recovery who has a purpose and love for helping and connecting people.

At TPN.Health, I have an opportunity to be a part of something that gives clinicians, the center of all patients’ healing, the chance to build community, to find each other and share interests and passions. It is amazing to help create this place for professional and personal discovery and connection.

I am amazed to be a part of TPN.Health because we are creating REAL SOLUTION.

My partner Christopher O’Shea and other Trusted Provider Network co-founder Jimmy Mooney can tell you — I (and many others) have been wanting for so long a place to go — a platform — that enables quick and accurate clinical searches resulting in just the right referrals for people needing behavioral health services.

In my 10 years in the addiction and mental health treatment field, I have had the good fortune to travel nationally, meeting clinicians and visiting treatment programs. Because of my experience (and letting everyone I meet know that they can call me or share my number for assistance with referrals), I have gotten thousands of inquiries from families, community members and other professionals looking for clinical referrals for patients, friends, loved ones. In addition, working in treatment centers, clients sometimes need additional clinical services, all need continuing care, and, if they are not appropriate for my center, I must find alternative resources and referrals. I look for local and national clinicians and treatment providers on a daily basis. Sometimes, I have the answer in my head and can say “here’s the perfect therapist or psychiatrist for this patient” or “this treatment center is just the right fit and take that insurance.” But often, it’s not that easy. The challenges that I face include, for example, what if I don’t know an addiction psychiatrist in Houston, Texas or a program in Idaho that focuses on trauma and eating disorder for an adolescent female? How do I find these resources when I don’t know everyone in my community or other areas? What I have done for the last 10 years is reach out to my professional, trusted colleagues nationally and in those specific communities for guidance. (The internet, though sometimes helpful, is not totally accurate or the information trustworthy.) There are times that I have upwards of 5 behavioral health professionals I know working on placing one patient with a clinician or program.

This process requires a ton of time and communication, sometimes frustrating and not producing the right fit, and regularly taking me away from personal and professional events and urgent business matters. And I think “WHAT IF I WERE A CLINICAN WHO WANTS TO SPEND TIME TREATING PATIENTS AND NOT GET BOGGED DOWN SEARCHING FOR REFERRALS?” And “What if I were a clinician who wants to grow my network and practice, but don’t know the best way to be found and connect to community?”

We at TPN.Health have the solution! We offer a platform with extensive clinical search criteria that precisely matches patients’ issues and diagnoses with clinicians’ and programs’ scopes of practice, therapeutic modalities, location, licensures, certifications and so much more. We provide the right clinical fit within our network of verified and vetted clinicians and treatment providers. CLINICIANS CAN QUICKLY FIND REFERRALS AND CAN BE FOUND BY OTHERS!

I am so excited to be a part of the solution!