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Meet Arthur Fort, TPN.Health Summer Intern: In His Words

Sharing his TPN.Health experience and lasting takeaways

Hello, I’m Arthur Fort. I’m an intern at TPN, and I’ve been working for TPN all summer. Trevor and my mother’s longtime friendship created this connection for me. Trevor offered me an internship over lunch at my boarding school Millbrook, where he is on the Board of Trustees, and I excitedly accepted. For most of the summer, I was working as an intern with two of my longtime friends who are New Orleans natives, and we had a wonderful time. They have now gone off to college.

I’ve had two summer jobs prior to TPN, one of which was hard labor cutting trees for twelve hours a day, which was incredibly grueling and exhausting, although I did become quite strong. My other job was working at Galitiores as the lowest man on the totem pole, cleaning the bathrooms, washing pots and pans, and my least favorite — power washing and degreasing those French Quarter trash cans. Being an Intern at TPN is an obvious step up from that and is a much more enjoyable job. I’ve learned a lot from working here just by being in the room and taking notes for meetings and what-not.

Arthur profile view sitting with 2 other TPN staff

Listening to Trevor, Chris, Felicia, and Gabrielle talk about different aspects and problems of TPN has shown me a lot about how working together is much more efficient than having one very gung-ho boss, and you resolve issues and see other perspectives much more quickly than if you were working individually. Another thing I learned from one of Trevor’s business partners and mentors, Richard, or Dick, is that business is not personal. If you are in some sort of altercation, they usually aren’t angered with you yourself but your position or role.

Christopher O’Shea, who I refer to as “the passion” behind TPN, has also taught me a lot about life in general. He is overall a very positive guy who has been to many places and experienced a lot of different things and situations. Although I consider myself a confident guy, Chris has taught me that I should never, NEVER not be confident. He has also shown me that there is humor in everything, and I’ve inferred that people should take themselves less seriously.

Arthur sitting with Trevor at TPN table

I’ve also learned a ton from Trevor just by listening to his business calls and talks about TPN’s future in so many different senses. His routine has also rubbed off on me in the sense that staying healthy will make your brain and body work better for you, and in turn you work more efficiently and deliver more. I’m jealous of Felicia because she always looks like she is having so much fun and enjoying herself even when she is working very hard.

I am almost done. I’ve got six more working days, and then I will begin my Junior year of high school. I feel that I have grown and matured a lot as an individual from my time at TPN, and I cannot wait to see how it transfers into my academic work ethic and career. I believe the way I compose myself when talking to my teachers and deans after my experiences at TPN will thoroughly impress them, and all of this will help me further my academic success.

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