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Reimagine, Re-Engage, Retain, Recruit: 4Rs Overview to Deal with the Staffing Crisis

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  • Christopher D’Marco, BA, LSS, KLSC, DEI, CT, CEA, PMEC and Lorna F. M. Runkle, BS, MBA
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COVID and geopolitical unrest have accelerated an unprecedented change in how people feel about work. As a result, many agencies are facing a staffing crisis. Act-Cess USA, Inc. is partnering with Chris D’Marco of Change & Response Strategies, LLC to deliver customized, unique, and practical training to help human services and healthcare agencies address this crisis. The full-length program consists of four 90-minute sessions with key deliverables, such as Distinct insights on these issues and new practices to address them. Customized action plans to address agencies’ own special engagement, retention, and recruitment challenges. A proprietary workload-leveling tool to use when short-staffed. A proprietary tool to assist with reducing stress and preventing burnout. This workshop provides an overview of strategies under each of the 4Rs – Reimagine, ReEngage, Retain, Recruit – and a snapshot of the proprietary tools.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1.  1. Enumerate at least 2 ways to manage when short-staffed.
  2. 2. List at least 2 retention strategies.
  3. 3. Describe at least 2 new ways to recruit the best-fit candidates.
CE Policy and this educator have no conflicts of interest and have not received any commercial support for this program or its contents.
Christopher D’Marco, BA, LSS, KLSC, DEI, CT, CEA, PMEC and Lorna F. M. Runkle, BS, MBA
Christopher D’Marco
Christopher D’Marco BA, LSS, KLSC, DE
Managing Member, Change and Response Strategies
Christopher D’Marco serves as Managing Member of Change & Response Strategies, LLC, a consultancy that provides organization development consulting and customized training and coaching programs. He has served in various roles including frontline supervisor, mid-level manager, senior manager, and executive. He has been in training and coaching for all levels, and worked with Act-Cess USA, Inc. as a 3rd party subject matter expert for more than 15 years. He earned a BA in Applied Sociology with a minor in Psych/IO. He also attended numerous management and leadership development classes at Cornell University, he received his Lean Six Sigma certification at Villanova University and he became Training of Trainers (ToT) certified from the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP). Currently he is pursuing a master’s certificate in restorative practices/leadership from the IIRP.
Lorna F. M. Runkle
Lorna F. M. Runkle BS, MBA
Founder and President/CEO, Act-Cess USA, Inc.
Lorna Runkle has over 40 years background in business management. She is founder of Act-Cess USA, Inc. Helping organizations grow, improve efficiency, and upgrade employee skills has been the focus of Act-Cess. Established in 2006, Act-Cess delivers world-class training and consulting and provides access to resources from the public and private sectors. In 2008, Act-Cess embarked on “Project Patrick” to help service providers of individuals with special needs – developmental disability, mental/behavioral, and other challenges – secure state grants in order to fund workforce training and development. “Project Patrick” is Act-Cess’ way to pay forward those agencies which are devoted to serving this community and the thousands of staff whose livelihood and personal growth depend on their employers’ commitment to train and develop their potential. Patrick is the 34-year-old inspiration and he now lives, works, and thrives at one of these special agencies. Lorna Runkle is Patrick’s mother and is the driving force of Act-Cess. Lorna’s experience includes management/strategic planning at blue-chip companies like Procter & Gamble, and Warner-Lambert (now Pfizer), as well as fast-growth entrepreneurial companies. She had > 20 years in business consulting, management coaching and training. Lorna has an MBA in Marketing and Finance (with Distinction) and a BS Degree (Cum Laude) in Business Economics. Helping agencies achieve their plan to succeed in order to continue their mission to care for loved ones and secure resources – expertise and grant money – has been Lorna’s passion.
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