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How to Find Your Purpose

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Discovering purpose isn’t just a philosophical pursuit; it’s a practical endeavor rooted in both personal fulfillment and scientific insights. When we uncover our purpose, life gains deeper meaning, positively impacting our mental well-being and the world around us. Scientifically, a sense of purpose has tangible effects on our brain and overall health. Research shows that individuals with a clear sense of purpose experience lower stress levels, reduced risk of depression, and better cognitive function. This is because purpose-driven activities stimulate the brain’s reward centers, releasing chemicals that enhance mood and motivation. Moreover, purposeful living engages regions responsible for emotional regulation and decision-making, helping us handle challenges more effectively. From a practical standpoint, purpose guides our choices, influencing the paths we take in our personal and professional lives. It fuels our determination and resilience, propelling us forward even in difficult times. When we align our actions with our purpose, we feel a deeper sense of satisfaction and happiness.

On a broader scale, living with purpose leads to increased altruism and community engagement. Purpose-driven individuals often seek opportunities to make a positive impact, fostering connections and building stronger communities.In essence, discovering purpose isn’t an abstract pursuit; it’s a journey that enhances our well-being, sharpens our focus, and enriches our relationships. It’s a fusion of personal satisfaction and scientific understanding that empowers us to lead more fulfilling lives while contributing positively to the world.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and describe 2 or more evidence-based and historical techniques that enhance self-awareness, clarify values, and guide decision making.

  • Explain how a well-defined sense of purpose impacts resilience and emotional regulation. Identify 2 practical strategies to confront fear, stress and adversity.

  • Describe 3 positive effects of purpose.

  • Explain how purpose-driven activities influence brain structure, regulate emotions, and contribute to mental well-being.

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Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a global bestselling author, award-winning storyteller, podcast host, and former monk, dedicated to helping people train their mind for peace and purpose every day. In 2017, Forbes named him to their 30 Under 30 List for his game-changing impact in media. His viral videos have been viewed more than 10 billion times and he is followed by over 50 million people across social media. In 2019, Jay created On Purpose, now the world’s #1 Health and Wellness podcast. He’s been a keynote speaker around the world, invited to Google, Microsoft, Netflix and American Express, among many others. Over two million people have attended his Online School, and his Genius Coaching community provides weekly programming on health and wellness to thousands of members in over 100 countries.

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