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Balint Groups for Wellbeing: Combating Burnout, Reducing Stress, and Building Support

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    In-Person, Live Webinar



Join us for an insightful workshop exploring the transformative potential of Balint Groups in veterinary social work. Led by an experienced facilitator, this session offers a unique opportunity for mental health professionals to delve into a proven method that has been successfully employed in the human medical field for over 70 years.


Veterinary social work presents unique challenges, from navigating complex relationships with clients and colleagues to managing the emotional toll of working in a demanding profession. In this workshop, we will explore how Balint Groups can effectively address these challenges while providing valuable support and fostering resilience within the veterinary community.


Discover the origins and principles of Balint Groups, which provide a structured environment for processing emotions, gaining fresh perspectives, and developing essential skills for supporting veterinary professionals. Through interactive discussions and experiential exercises, participants will explore the role of professional identity, ethical awareness, and emotional intelligence in veterinary social work.


Experience a live Balint Group session and gain firsthand insights into the power of this approach in reducing stress and preventing burnout. Join us and discover how Balint Groups can contribute to the well-being of both you, the veterinary social worker, and the veterinary professionals you care for.


PLEASE NOTE: Seating is intentionally limited to 14 participants to preserve the integrity of the live Balint Group session. Observers are not permitted to ensure confidentiality and maintain a safe space that fosters openness and vulnerability among participants. Incorporating a live Balint session within the presentation would offer invaluable practical experience, illustrating the theory in action and highlighting the potential transformative impact on participants’ professional practice. Considering the intimate nature of Balint Groups, a workshop format with limited seating is deliberately chosen to guarantee an engaging and profound learning experience for all participants. Hosting multiple sessions, if feasible, could extend this valuable opportunity to a wider audience, maximizing the potential for professional growth and development within the veterinary social work community.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Balint Groups: Attendees will gain knowledge about the origins, evolution, and key principles of Balint Groups. This includes understanding the purpose of these groups in promoting reflective practice and empathy in medical and veterinary settings, highlighting their significance in enhancing patient care and professional wellbeing.

  • Explore the Impact of Balint Groups on Professional Wellbeing and Client Care: Attendees will learn about the positive effects of Balint Groups on reducing burnout, enhancing empathetic communication, and improving decision-making in veterinary social work. This includes understanding how these groups contribute to a culture of care that benefits both professionals and the animals and clients they serve.

  • Experience and Reflect on a Live Balint Group Session: Through participating in a live Balint Group session, attendees will observe and engage in the process, gaining insights into how these sessions are facilitated and the dynamics involved. This experiential learning will help them understand the benefits of shared experiences and mutual support in processing complex emotions and scenarios common in veterinary social work.

CE Policy
This course is fiscally sponsored by International Association of Veterinary Social Work. There may be potential biases or conflicts of interest inherent to this relationship, and it must be disclosed to participants. These conflicts of interest have no bearing on the course content and have been resolved.
Scott Campbell
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