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NJCMO is a collective of the fifteen Care Management Organizations (CMOs) in New Jersey under the Children’s System of Care. As a group, the CMOs provide care coordination for youth with mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse or developmental disabilities. NJCMO is dedicated to be that one point of connection to all the CMOs throughout the State and to provide easy access to any of the member CMOs. Under the auspices of NJCMO, all CMOs work with schools, mental health and behavioral health providers, and the juvenile justice system to help youth succeed at home, in school and in the community. NJCMO members provide care coordination by using the Wraparound model of care. This model focuses on youth and family voice and choice and brings the child and family team together to create an individualized and effective service plan for each and every youth involved. NJCMO members all use a strength-based approach, focusing on creating the clinical and natural supports needed for the youth and family to achieve their vision and dreams. NJCMO will help any family in need locate the Care Management Organization in their area to meet their needs.