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"The Hush Hush World of Sexual Assault: Daring to Speak Its Name"

Presented by Jack Perkins

December 10, 2020

About the Workshop

The plethora of sex scandals dominating the news is one of many issues that contribute to what Sandra Bloom calls an “insane society.” Sexual assault is a systemic problem impacting society and has now gained public attention. With more and more people speaking out, it is imperative that we understand the issues associated with sexual assault (e.g., disorders, symptoms, social issues, etc.) and become equipped to assist survivors and serve as advocates for survivors and social justice.

Mental health and health care providers and educators should be prepared to provide support and assistance to survivors of sexual assault, drawing from a multiplicity of resources. It is imperative that we have a working knowledge of the broad range of the types of sexual assault. When victims are entrapped due to cultural and oppressive views of sexuality, our role is to help the survivor understand what is happening, process emotions associated with the assault, and to become empowered to make decisions which are not driven by undue shame.

Commercial sexual servitude is a major concern and challenges us to be prepared to use a skill set unique to the problem. This may involve interventions, individual counseling, abiding by ethical principles related to reporting and confidentiality, preparing survivors to present in legal cases, and dealing with the emotional aspect when the case becomes a public matter. Mental health and health care providers and educators have a unique opportunity to be a change agent, bringing about systemic change
The problem is a societal issue that starts with each victim’s story. Based upon more and more victims/survivors speaking up, there will perhaps be a greater need for counselors to help clients who have been assaulted. The goal of this workshop is to take a comprehensive look at the big picture and understand a counseling perspective for working with victims of sexual assault. The first part of this presentation focuses on the societal issue, gaining an understanding of the problem and the principles necessary for appreciating the collective voice of victims. The second part of this presentation focuses on the counselor’s role for working with victims of sexual assault.

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